About Your Mistress

Who doesn’t occasionally crave the feeling of letting go? The feeling of escaping from the mundane?

The feeling, perhaps, of surrendering yourself completely…not to any religion or ideology, but to the desires of a beautiful and dominant woman?

In my world, you’ll discover a side of Femdom where affection is blended with control, where my playful nature dances with my love of inspiring surrender, where the rules of daily life can slip away into a blissful, hedonistic experience. 

Down-to-earth yet refined, I hold two university degrees and love intellectual conversation as much as I love immature humor. I stand 5″9 on my beautiful size 10 feet, and have been described by more than a few admirers as an Amazon. 

Being a Dominatrix is many things to me: a fun and exhilarating pass-time, a deep spiritual and philosophical calling, a path to personal growth, and a unique way to find new levels of intimacy with wonderful and interesting people.

...new levels of intimacy...

First and foremost, my practice is Safe, Sane, and Consensual: with great power comes great responsibility, and when you place yourself in my hands I treat your safety and well-being with the utmost care. In my five years as a Professional Dominatrix and over ten years in the fetish lifestyle, I have dedicated much of my time to learning the physical and psychological aspects of BDSM play with competence and skill.

My interests are numerous and often evolving, but I have a special love for role play, humiliation, playful dominance, corporal punishment, hypnosis, medical play, and of course pegging. I am very open-minded and love to hear about new and obscure fetishes, so don’t be afraid of delving into the bizarre.

delving into the bizarre

I am happy to see people of all genders, backgrounds, and abilities. The Ritual Chamber is not currently wheelchair-accessible, but if you are a wheelchair user I am happy to discuss options.

I do not provide sex, race play, scat, any permanent body modifications, or anything which falls outside of the law. Any requests for these will be deleted unread.